Reviews from our clients


Dear Lauren & Ecobabe Team

We chatted earlier this year, and I thought it’s at least time to let you know I am 22 weeks pregnant already! A very healthy (everything 100% Natural – health & nutrition) baby. So exciting! ..A little girl Just thought I’d share, and also thank you SO much for all your help and advice, and how much Ecobabe helped, and also for putting me in touch with Natasha, who is going to be our midwife.

We also attended Robyn Sheldon’s MamaBamba course this weekend about a lot of the mental preparation etc, and it was incredible!

Sending you much appreciation accompanied by warm regards!
Marina & MiniMoo

“Firstly, I’d like to say that I’ve been using Lady-Comp for about 10 months now (for birth-control) and I absolutely love it! I am so glad to finally be off of the hormonal pill. I was taking birth control pills for about 9 years and had started to notice many side-effects.”

“I got pregnant after one month. I had been trying for so long, but with your product I made it.”

Just wanted to let you know the Baby-comp is working great.

I started getting red lights and it was telling me if it would be a boy or girl periodically about 1-2 wks after I got the machine.  Being able to put in the history of the past 3 monthly cycles helped obviously.

 As soon as my ‘fertile’ days were up which I know is for about 11 days after my cycle, I started to get green lights.  So all in all it has started to work perfectly within the month which was a nice surprise!

Just thought I’d let you know so you know how quickly it can start working.

“I have been using the traditional Lady Comp for several months now and I have to say it has been a god send and has changed my life completely. I was taking the contraceptive pill for ten years and had never asked any questions about it. What was in the pills, how they work, how they affect you. It never crossed my mind until I took to a more natural and healthy lifestyle. I found out how the pill was messing with my hormones and mood and decided I had had enough and came off it. After many weeks of research I found the Lady Comp. It was perfect! Lady Comp has freed me from chemicals and improved my knowledge of my own body. I would recommend it to anyone, especially those trying to take a more natural path in life. Thank you Lady Comp! (Laura Helen Roberts, UK, Aug. 17, 2015)

“I have used different types of the hormonal contraceptive pill over the years and I had felt side effects from all of them. I often felt low, emotional and also from suffered overly sensitive skin when I took the contraceptive pill. I talked to my partner, now husband, about this because it was not supporting me or our relationship. We looked into the different options available and the Lady Comp seemed simple to use and it also had a great accuracy rate when used appropriately. We bought it 10 years ago, it has supported our family planning choices and has supported me to feel so much more content and well. I even took it with me when I travelled around the world for a year. I do not suffer from emotional ups and downs and part of this is because I have stopped taking the contraceptive pill and have learnt to understand where my body is in its menstrual cycle. I felt it was important for me to contact Lady Comp and thank the company for creating a fantastic product that supported a great change in my life.” (Samantha Davidson, UK, June 22, 2015)