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How Does Lady-Comp Work?

Lady-Comp is very easy to use. Based on your oral basal body temperature and menstrual data the fertility computer determines your fertile and non fertile days and indicates when you may be ovulating. 
It uses specialised software to analyse and monitor your daily status of fertility and will alert you on the days when intercourse may lead to pregnancy: 
on the day you ovulate – and the five days before ovulation.

As easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Take your temperature every morning under your tongue.
  2. Enter “M” days (menstruation days) when you have them.
  3. View your fertility status for the day
Green Light  :  Non Fertile Day
Yellow Light  :  Learning Phase
Red Light  :  Fertile Day
Flashing Red Light  :  Ovulation is likely
Red, Yellow & Green Lights Flashing  :  Probable Pregnancy
Red, Yellow & Green Lights Illuminated  : Confirmed Pregnancy


The data the computers use to differentiate between fertile and non-fertile days are based on a few biological facts underlying the female’s monthly cycle:

  • Ovulation usually only occurs once per cycle. If on the rare occasion two or more ovulations occur, it will be within 24 hours.
  • Following ovulation, the egg can only be fertilized for a maximum of 18 hours.
  • After intercourse, male sperm may remain active and fertile in the female body for a maximum of 3-5 days. This means that there are six days in every cycle when a woman may fall pregnant: five days prior to and the day of ovulation.




Our devices have been clinically tested several times by Professor G. Freundl, former Head Physician of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Municipal Hospital of Düsseldorf-Benrath, with his findings being presented at various medical conferences.

Clinical Evaluation of the Fertility Monitors (Dr Andreas Marx, 2014)

“The company Valley Electronics GmbH has already been developing and manufacturing small temperature-sensing mini-computers for birth control regulation for several years. These devices have been designed in close collaboration with computer scientists, technicians and gynecologists.

The high measurement accuracy of the temperature sensors and the precise algorithm of the temperature calculation provide the user a high degree of method surety, which clearly stands out from competing devices.

The handling and operation of the device is user friendly and easy – all relevant aspects to ensure a safe and correct application of the device are described comprehensibly in the instructions manual.

Independent scientific studies, which have been published in recognized journals, provide substantial evidence of the contraceptive effectiveness and safety of the VE electronic fertility devices. All scientific studies were independently conducted by the participating physicians, without being commissioned by or receiving any benefits from the manufacturer, Valley Electronics, thus allowing the published data to be considered as reputable and objective.

With the described fertility monitors of the company Valley Electronics, women have the opportunity to perform either Natural Family Planning (NFP) based birth control or pregnancy planning respectively. As a safe and side-effect free method of contraception / pregnancy planning the benefits of these devices are evident.”


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