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Lady-Comp – A New Approach To Natural Fertility Management

(Reuters Article- Content Provided by Lady-Comp UK)


Lady-Comp is a scientifically proven, natural, hormone free and ethical method of birth control. Unlike other family planning methods, Lady-Comp offers a less intrusive and harm free option that is equally as effective.


LONDON, March 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Lady-Comp UK – With the internet providing so much information about birth control it can be difficult for women to know which method to choose. Fertility is such an important and overwhelming issue for many females in today’s world, but thanks to Lady-Comp it’s about to get a little simpler.

For those women who are looking for a more natural way to manage their fertility, but still want all the benefits modern technology can deliver, the latest fertility monitor from Lady-Comp allows couples to plan a family without the use of invasive hormone treatments giving people the luxury of natural birth control and non hormonal contraception.

Building on the success of Lady Comp’s debut – which originally launched in Germany – Lady-Comp is now able to provide the best fertility management to the UK market, giving women the option of a safe and natural contraception method with 99.3% accuracy.

Each morning, women can simply measure their temperature with the Lady-Comp thermometer; ovulation causes a slight but noticeable change to this. The Lady-Comp fertility monitor uses a three-colour system to indicate fertility status, including green light meaning ‘infertile’ when it is not possible to get pregnant, red light, meaning a fertile period, when a woman can become pregnant  and yellow light, which indicates that Lady-Comp is still in its learning phase.

The Lady-Comp 2015 model is now available across the UK and is a reliable, safe, natural and healthy approach to managing fertility without the risk of side effects. Many women are not properly informed by healthcare providers about the implications pills and coils can have on the body so Lady- Comp is offering a harm free solution.

About Lady-Comp

Get in tune with your body plan or prevent pregnancy naturally and say goodbye to invasive contraception. Lady-Comp was developed by Valley Electronics GmbH in Germany with a team of gynecologists, software specialists, electronics experts and designers. Experience with the device in practical use and its proven success in vivo have also made a considerable contribution. The electronic brain, containing knowledge about fertility, and other components are manufactured by leading suppliers from all over the globe. The project was supported by the Federal Ministry for Research and Technology.

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